Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spanish oldies for pimps

My mom was born in the 60s and grew up in the 70s so my mom was raised on spanish pop/oldies and rock bands like Los pasteles verdes, Los Angeles negros and Los Freddys,growing up she always had that music bumpin out of her busted old brown caddie. All of this music is now resurfacing in Hip hop like Jay Z, Sage Francis and Jedi mind tricks honestly sometimes it pisses me off but I hafta share it with yall because its beautiful music.

Ive also included a megamix that might have different songs and yeah I messed up once in it whatever.

Spanish Pimp shit

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rastlan Oldies Vol. 1

"Ras" as in RASTA (rastafarian) and "TLAN" as in AZTLAN (the homeland of the ancient mexicas) Growing up in California and being of Mexican descent you just cant help but be exposed to Oldies, cholo and Low rider culture for better or for worse but the music is classic. I remember those old tapes called East side story Vol. 1 or Aztlan Oldies and of course Art Laboe's Dedicated to you.

I present you with Rastlan oldies! this is a collection of covers and a few Reggae Soul songs that you could definitely cruise to, if you know your Oldies you'll recognize the songs and artists, if you know your Reggae I know you will too.

You are gonna need Winzip for those that don't know, just open it up and unzip it, yeah someone asked :)

Click here! RAstlan oldies

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

False Unity - ESSJ

East San Jose band if you like fastcore and powerviolence in spanglish check em out!

False Unity - Demo

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Liberate are a great bunch of guys and they deliver a blistering fastcore influenced by Los crudos of course but with a powerviolence flavor sprinkled in there for good measure, hopefully I can bring them up to San Jose for a show soon.

Liberate Demo

This not the Amor y pasion 7 inch

Uzi Suicide

For many years they were the only thing you would see kids listening to especially here in east San Jose.

Now In Disgust and Boar

Fastcore! Thrashcore! Political! and funny too check em out if you like What Happens Next? and Infest

Random UZI SUICIDE shit

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bay Area Grind! Puke Grind & POT!

Smokland grind unit, they've changed alot considering they need a guitarist and a bassist but when they started they were
"Rob Avery (Self Inflicted, Farticus) on bass, Miker (Brutal Death) on guitar, Damian (bred on deception, progeria, lack of interest, bad acid trip, self inflicted) on drums and vocals, and Pete (benumb, Agenda of Swine) on the main mic. Miker went off to college and George (chromium six) jumped in on guitar. Pete got a real job and Damian started doing all the vocals until Kindred (Plutocracy, No Less, Go Like this, Bullshit Excuse) jumped on the mic. George got into the thick of it and went underground for a bit and Alex (hashcobra, self inflicted, Duck and Cover) jumped in on guitar. The man took Kindred from us and we all started singing. After about a year, Alex left to focus more on his other band and George came back up in the mix. Kindred's back now too so we'll see what happens." ,br>sooo basicly same old story peeps coming peeps going heres them LIVE AT BURNT RAMEN

Strains of the apocalypse Live

apocalyptic crust!

This band is from chicago I would describe them as ekkaia inspired, if you've never heard of Ekkaia they sound like slightly melodic hxc crust but Bosque (bow-skeh) is more like a crusty d-beat steamroller.

Here are three songs from their westcoast tour demo... well the only three songs from it!